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13 Jan

Body Confidence at 40

I’ve always felt progress is impossible without change.  But change is daunting, intimidating and quite often scary. But then again, the only thing scarier than change is if you let that fear stop you from evolving, progressing or having the courage to try new things. As Sheryl Sandberg (CEO of Facebook) said, ‘fear is only a lack of confidence’. Now couple this with a dose of anxiety and low self esteem regarding elements of the way you look, embarrassment over parts of your body and perceived judgement from others.  It’s common to feel obliged to hide your feelings, internalise your dismay and disappointment in your lack of body confidence.  I’ve experienced all the above; the anxiety and embarrassment about the prominent shape of my nose, accompanied by the misfortune of the negative side effects of pregnancy on the stomach and breasts, as well as the fast approaching gravitational pull of the BIG 4-0…hanging like millstone around my neck.

I’ve mastered the art of using my hair to hide my nose and soften my facial features, rarely wearing my hair up, using sunglasses to mask the obtrusive bridge on my nose and copious amount so make up to soften the skin and make my eyes appear as large as possible to detract from the pointy angle of my nose. And of course, never EVER admitting about the thing I hate. Everyone has a thing, right? We maybe just don’t have the strength to say it out loud.

We’re made to constantly question body confidence – should we really just be happy with what we are given?  I still believe there is significant stigma around cosmetic procedures, many not wanting to own up to it, feelings of guilt if you’re seen to be spending time and money on yourself, would it be perceived as a vanity project?  Those who don’t have your issues are blasé about why you would want to do it, reacting in disbelief. But what about if we want to take control? What about if having simple cosmetic procedures can give renewed outer AND therefore inner confidence and significant reduction in anxiety and embarrassment.

As I hit 40 next month, I’m rebelling against the idea of lowering your expectations and living with what you’ve got and sitting back.  This year I want to be a creative force instead, be brave, feel intrepid, become a game changer.

Some things you can change. And ok, I was initially a little afraid of having surgery on my nose and breasts, but how supremely powerful to think of the thing you’re afraid of doing and do it anyway?

I opted for rhinoplasty with Mr Alex Karidis at St Johns and St Elizabeth Hospital in St Johns Wood – with an excellent reputation he made me believe the operation would be relatively simple with effective results in a relatively short amount of time.  The operation went well and the recovery time was short, with very little bruising.  I was uncomfortable after the operation but had expected significantly more pain so was pleasantly surprised.

Now 3 weeks post op, I’m delighted with how my nose is settling into her new shape.  People have been amazed at how quickly I’ve recovered, how smooth the nose looks and the improvement of my side profile in particular.

Before (front shot)

Before (side profile shot)


After (front shot – 3 weeks post op)

After (side profile shot – 3 weeks post op)


Having experienced the common legacy from breast feeding and 40 years of gravity pull (!), I decided upon mastoplexy and breast augmentation with Mr Karidis.  This operation was also successful with minimal pain and a speedy recovery.

Two changes. But still me.  I don’t look like a different person, just a refreshed and youthful version of my old self.

My aim through all of this was to have a greater chance to live fearlessly with courage, determination and a new confidence, to feel empowered to grasp change.  As a style influencer, stylist and fashion editor, I now have renewed vigour and motivation to drive my business forward. With less inhibitions, increased body confidence as I reach 40, reduced anxiety and embarrassment, I can feel an internal power building to harness life and live it to the full.


So today, ask yourself, what is holding you back?  Be your own game changer…

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Charlotte Broadbent

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