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I’ve learnt how important wearing the right colour is. I look and feel 10 years younger now!

Sarah, Business Planner, Aimia

Do you hide behind dark colours?  Do you reach out for the easy option? Struggle to work out which colours make you look your best?  Don’t know how to wear colour?

They say that creating an ‘even’ skin tone makes someone look the most attractive they can be.  Most people don’t want to invest in cosmetic procedures, so turn to colour to help their skin look younger, luminous and more healthy.  Discovering your true colours and understanding how colours can lift your mood and alter how people react to you is a fascinating journey. I work with you on assessing your skin – whether it shows yellow (warm) or red (cool) tones, how it helps reveal your ideal colour palettes, must-have colours and absolute no-no’s.

Wearing the wrong colours can have such a negative effect on your skin;

  • highlighting patchy uneven skin such as dark circles
  • draining colour from your face
  • giving the appearance of a double chin and added weight. 

Wearing the right colours can reverse all of this, while at the same time giving you renewed positivity.  Colour is absorbed into your hormonal system as well as through your eyes and there are physical and emotional benefits of wearing the right colours.  I will share my colour style secrets;

  • How wearing the right colours at the right time can lift your mood
  • How to wear colour to make you look younger and healthier
  • Using colour to enhance your personality
  • How to wear your most flattering colours for maximum effect on your best body areas
  • Using darker colours on bigger areas to reduce their appearance.  
  • Combining colour and body shape knowledge is a powerful tool to make you look your best to be your best.

Colour Consultation
Have you ever wondered what colours mean and how they affect your mood? Did you know that red attracts attention more than any other colour?  It enhances human metabolism, and raises blood pressure and increases adrenalin.  Wearing red for interviews and for romantic occasions is a must! 

Yellow is the colour of happiness and is the first colour the eye is drawn to.  It is the perceived colour of sunshine and looking at yellow can enhance your mood. Yellow resonates with the logic side of the brain, so can inspire mental agility and creativity. Wear yellow when you need to be creative and develop new ideas.

 Impact CoachingBlue on the other hand, releases oxytocin in your body, reduces your heart rate and creates a more relaxed, calm emotional state.  Blue is the colour of communication and aids concentration. Wear blue when you need to take control, communicate effectively & do the right thing in difficult situations.

Prices start from £99.