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28 Feb

How to wear purple

How to wear purple? The question on everyones lips this season as we start craving a little bit of sun & fun in the madness of all this snow.  So, purple is the colour du jour this year. Your outfits need to look sugar coated and sprinkled with mystical references particularly because purple hues like indigo and violet represent a higher level of thought and inner meaning.  Indigo is the colour of wisdom, relating to your ‘third eye’; your sixth sense.  It promotes clarity to your sense organs; hearing, seeing and feeling, and even helps you connect with your intuition.  Violet has a very short wavelength and as you absorb violet into your hormonal system it can aid meditation, transporting you to a whole other spiritual level while it connects with your crown chakra.  So hey, you can be fashionable and mindful, all at the same time.

Mix up your shades, from ice cream pastels to screaming violets, layer on your precious purples for a fantastical mirage this season.  My top 5 purple pieces to buy right now to update your wardrobe:

HM pleated blouse, £29.99.


Top Shop Midi Skirt, £75.

Isabel Marant Etoile dress, £335, from Iris Fashion.


Tibi high rise purple jeans, £430.


Mango openwork knit sweater, £19.99.

If nothing else this Spring, make it lovable lilac or passionate purple. How to wear purple has never been so easy. Fuse pastels with bold shades, frills with silk, go all out floral or opt for the comfort factor with high rise purple jeans and an easy-chic sweater.  Blend high street with high end too…some pieces are already in the sales too, so start shopping now.

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