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3 Feb

It’s Who I Am

I was bullied at school for looking different. Freckle face and chicken legs. Being bullied for the way you look has infinite legacies and the strain of not letting the past define your ‘now’ requires transformative thinking strategies. I’ve struggled between yearning to be the same as others, yet on the other hand have always craved unique self-expression. And now? Age 42, I think looking good enough, is good enough. It’s Who I Am.  Although I don’t think I will ever 100% know myself, I do accept myself. I release myself from expectations, I don’t fear judgement from others and I transfer any jealousy of others to celebration of their success. Because the truth is; someone else’s triumph is NOT YOUR FAILURE.

I am so proud to be part of the It’s Who I Am campaign for @fantasie_lingerie 

The national campaign features in Woman & Home and Marie Claire from Feb – 2020.


Thank you for listening to our journey’s and understanding that it’s not just about what we look like in underwear, but how we feel and what we have to say.
Every story has its ups and downs, but that makes us who we are.   Here are some of the behind the scenes from the shoot.

To watch the It’s Who I Am film where we talk about finding confidence and self belief, please visit my stories, watch IGTV, and follow @fantasie_lingerie

Here are some of the behind the scenes from the shoot.











It's who I am



It's Who I Am



Self acceptance





To watch the It’s Who I Am film and more info, please visit my stories, visit IGTV  and follow @fantasie_lingerie

Fantasie is a beautiful lingerie brand designed to comfortably, yet stylishly, fit a fuller bust (from D+ to a JJ cup). Their aim is to make every woman feel confident through exceptional support.

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