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6 Jan

Mood boosting colours

It’s that time of year when we feel sluggish, bloated and tired.  We are burnt out, experiencing low self-esteem and struggling to self-motivate.  These are all common emotions to feel following periods of unrest and uncertainty.  I make the time to read self help books such as ‘School of Life’ by Alain du Botton and Glennon Doyle to kickstart my emotional well-being.  Investing time and money in self-care rituals is proven to bolster your disposition.  Alongside fitness and great nutrition, I recommend wearing mood boosting colours.  Harnessing the power of colour can have such a positive effect on your mood due to the strength of wavelength, frequency and energy found in colours, as opposed to cloaking yourself in black and grey.

Why red is a mood boosting colour.

Wearing red releases high energy and adrenalin into your system so is one of my favourite mood boosting colours.  Red has the longest wavelength therefore it promotes excitement, dynamism, confidence and action.  A glorious colour choice if you are feeling de-motivated or lethargic.  Layer in red through jumpers and coats.

mood boosting colours red pink greenmood boosting colours red pink green

As an alternative to red, pink represents a softer, feminine emotion – more playful, sincere and affectionate.  Wear pink when you want to be more romantic, tender and charming.  If you’re feeling aggressive or short-tempered, pink can help soften your mood.  A great tip is to wear pink all over to really harness its energy.  Try tonal dressing; rose or baby pink knits or blouses twinned with darker pinks on the bottom half through trousers or joggers.

mood boosting colours red pink greenmood boosting colours red pink green

Green relates to the heart chakra and emits a more compassionate, nurturing, calming emotion. Your eyes need no adjustment when you look at green, therefore it’s a super colour choice when you are feeling anxious or stressed as it instils peace and serenity.  Beautiful bright green dresses or khaki jumpsuits are incredible ways to wear green.


mood boosting colours red pink greenmood boosting colours red pink green


5 top tips to embrace happy colours:

  1. Wear your happy colours on your top half which reflect onto your face for a rosy, luminescent appearance.
  2. Avoid boring black. It is devoid of all light and absorbs your energy rather than transmitting powerful feelings.
  3. Create surprising outfits – pair opposite colours from the colour wheel spectrum (Purple & yellow. Blue & orange).

  1. Opt out of gloomy greys. Grey is the colour of conformity and has no personality of its own.
  2. Hack your wardrobe. Rediscover your colourful pieces that ignite joy. Don’t save pieces for best – be colourful every day.


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