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19 Jun

My wonder weapons

They say that having the appearance of an even skin tone is key in female attraction.  As a personal stylist, I believe the easiest way to create a youthful glow is by wearing the right colours to harmonise with your skin tone, dragging it out of the dark and into luminous life!! Many of us don’t understand which colours and what type of hues suit our skin tone so stay safe and chain ourselves to neutral options such as black, grey, beige, navy and white.

Ladies, (and gentlemen) you may like black and grey, but a lot of the time they don’t like you.

It’s vital to choose colours that bring a tint to your cheeks, reduce the appearance of dark circles and patchy, dehydrated skin.  From your early 20’s it’s a fact – your skin starts losing collagen and elasticity, your cells renew more slowly and circulation slows. You look tired (and hell, you ARE tired!) BUT adding colour (and all important style) into your selection of weaponry to fight against the ticking clock can absolutely reverse the negative, ageing effects that the wrong colour can have on your skin. Discovering your best blues and mellow yellows can take 10 years off your skins’ age. It could be time to turn your back on black.

The second secret weapon to which I am now totally addicted to comes in the form of the Medical Microdermabrasion at The Eden Skin Clinic in Wimbledon.  It’s fast becoming THE favourite treatment amongst the Wimbledon locals with it’s anti-ageing, skin rejuvenating abilities.

Not only did it brighten and smooth my skin, it reduced the signs of fatigue and really relaxed my stressed out skin which quite frankly most of us suffer with these days.

It’s really very clever, the exfoliating process removed all my dead skin cells revealing more even skin, as well as diminishing fine lines and my multitide of blackheads.  And as I’m prone to the odd spot here and there, it helped unclog my pores. And if it couldn’t get any better, the service is outstanding; treatments and advice are totally tailored to your needs.  I can’t, no, I won’t live without it.

Best advice is to block book a course of 6 to maximise effects of the treatment and at £295 this is great value. Firm them up in the diary in one go and stick to your guns (you can always sneak in a cheeky eyelash tint or eye brow wax while you’re in the salon).

Just make sure you wear a flattering colour to your appointments to maximise the effects of your new, smooth skin.  The war against the ‘age’ machine has never looked so good…

Eden Skin Clinic Wimbledon, Toni and Guy, 4 Queens Road, SW19 8YE.

Location: Dog and Fox Wimbledon 

Photographer: Mel Wilde Photography

Hair: Gina Conway Wimbledon 

Styling & Make Up: Charlotte Loves

Charlotte Broadbent

I'm a professional, qualified Personal Stylist, helping people to look their best to be their best through styling, colour consultations, body shape analysis and personal shopping

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