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For those looking for a premium luxury shopping experience, I highly recommend Charlotte's services to all of the Chinese families at our International School. Her flair for sourcing latest designs is supported by her proven experience and reputation in the industry. She can save you time and get you that latest luxury product you just can't find.

Sarah Graves, Principal, Nord Anglia Chinese International School Shanghai

Are you coming from abroad and want a luxury Shopping Session with a Qualified London Personal Stylist?  Want to work with someone who’s lived in London and worked in luxury fashion and beauty for 18 years and can travel with you around London for half day or full day style and shopping sessions?

As a member of the Harvey Nichols Stylist Club I offer my clients VIP treatment in store. Plus I partner with many other brands and department stores.  All services are personalised, making the process extremely enjoyable and efficient.    

All overseas visitor trips are bespoke packages.  We Skype or Facetime to discuss objectives and build a plan together.  Services range from sourcing one particular luxury item to a full day Personal Shopping Experience.

Prices start from £150.