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2 Dec

Straight teeth – my journey

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I‘ve often said that a smile is one of the prettiest things you can wear, but often the state of your teeth can hold your smile back. The desire for straight teeth is actually quite common and I wanted to find out more. So, I went on a journey with Su Mon Redapple at Elmfield House Dental in Teddington, to re-discover my dental confidence. My brief for Su was to straighten my teeth, particularly on the bottom row, broaden my smile on the top row, redefine the crooked appearance and create a healthy, whiter, sparkling set of straight teeth.   Here are the brilliant before and after shots, with the the full, fascinating journey documented below.







Early December 2018, Su recommended clear aligners for a 8 months (to be worn for around 20 hours a day), on both the top and bottom rows. After she took moulds of my teeth I received the first of 6 sets of aligners on 19th December which were replaced with a new variant every 6/7 weeks or so to allow for the teeth to move into their new places effectively.  I was impressed with the speed of service, the clever insight Su clearly communicated, as well as how easy the aligners were to place onto the teeth.   The aligners are designed to feel quite tight/stiff once you first apply them, however after 4-5 days (as they efficiently start shifting your teeth) the discomfort did ease up.

At each session, I had inter-proximal reduction which means finely ‘shaving’ some of the enamel in between the crooked teeth to make room for them to shift and straighten up.  Precise work, expertly delivered by Su.  Her attention to detail was exceptional.

straight teeth dentist teddington

19th December 2018 First set of aligners

straight teeth

19th December – First set of aligners

I quickly got used to taking the aligners in and out of my mouth for meal times, using the handy ‘subtle’ handbag sized case to pop the aligners into when not in use.

Composite Fillings

After 9 months and 6 different sets of aligners the result is incredible – my teeth are straight and ready for the white composite filling which fills in gaps created by pointy teeth like the canine teeth.  My canines were imbalanced – with the right canine featuring a much larger point and bigger gaps either-side.  The aim of the white composite filling is to create straight, smooth rows of teeth within your bright smile – complimented by a gentle filing down of any remaining jagged edges.  This whole process of filling, smoothing and filing only took 1.2 hours with ZERO pain. I had half expected it to be quite scary and very sensitive, but Su was very gentle and I had an excellent experience.

I went back the following week for final composite fillings on my 4 back teeth, to balance out the look and to broaden my smile.


teeth dentist

8th October 2019 – Before the Composite Fillings


8th October – After the Composite Fillings


teeth dentist

Su Mon Redapple – Elmfield House Dental. 10th December 2019. Final check up


The realigning of my teeth was accompanied by teeth whitening to create a beautiful polished finish.  Such a great result! I regained confidence in my smile and adore the striking effect my teeth convey on screen for my filming and photo-shoots.

Please visit Su Mon Redapple at Elmfield House Dental for a bespoke quote to help you regain your dental confidence. Or contact them here: or call 02086141995

dentist whitenening teeth

Su Mon Kyaw – Elmfield House Dental.


The dental treatment received from Su Mon Redapple was gifted, however I was under no pressure to provide a positive review if the treatment was not up to standard or if my goals were not met.

For more ‘after’ shots please click here.

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