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22 Sep

How to style colour

Ifrequently come across the same fears and anxieties from women who are afraid of colour and struggle to style it in their day to day life.  Worries soar with the arrival of babies and the ensuing toddler years as your individual shape changes and the time you had to think about yourself transitions onto others. Individual style and your unique identity is challenged, you can’t wear half your wardrobe, pieces become uncomfortable, restrictive and quite frankly you’d rather just re-wear yesterdays outfit which handily lies by the side of your bed.  Finding the time and money to go shopping appears to be a thing of the past, you just want to get OUT THE DOOR, on time (as far as possible) and get active.  However, I challenge you all.  My latest mission is to help you rethink this love affair with bland.  Withdraw your 50 shades of grey and go forth in 50 shades of colour.


HM Wide red cotton shirt, £17.99.

HM Pink ribbed jumper, £34.99.












So, you’re taking your toddler to a music class, your objective is to have fun, stimulate your child, create happy memories and have a laugh.  Yes, leave the grey dress, firmly, (firmly I said) in the wardrobe, and instead select happy, vibrant colours.  What’s the point? Well, these colours are absorbed into your hormonal system as well as through your eyes, so each colour has a part to play in positively affecting your mood. Where black absorbs all the energy coming towards you and grey being so suppressive, other colours like red, yellow and pink will lift your mood AND at the same time make you look fresher and healthier (which, to be fair, we all need a little help with).

HM Loose yellow knit jumper, £17.99.

WEAR THE STARS, slim fit neon yellow star sweater, £65. Can be personalised.


HM Loose yellow knit jumper, £17.99. HM white trainers, £19.99.

WEAR THE STARS, slim fit neon yellow star sweater, £65. Can be personalised. Boden t-bar flats, £51

Red promotes action, attention and highly stimulates.  Yellow is for happiness, focus and creativity. It is the most friendly of all the colours and super-optimistic.  Pink is nurturing,  soothing and promotes love.  If you look your best, you CAN feel your best.  As you sit (or more like shuffle) on that play mat or make those repetitive walks (how many times?) around town, your colours will positively affect you as well as those around you; friends, kids, even the barista, because let’s be honest here, we don’t know who we are without that morning shot of caffeine. The key to buying colour is not dependent on budget, the crux is in the shades you buy and how to style them together.  To reveal a healthy complexion the answer is often found in the colour your wear under your face. Discovering whether you look your best in warm hues (for yellow based skin) or colder shades (for cooler, red based skin tones) is paramount.


None of us were under the illusion that being a mum was going to be a breeze, but it would have been useful if we’d been a BIT more prepared for body shape changes, how your proportions suddenly disappear, how your feet swell (mine grew one whole size!) that your bra’s will resemble parachutes, how you can persuade yourself that elasticated waistbands and mega man shirts are astonishingly de rigeur and that accessories become the easiest (and quickest)  thing to buy so you end up with 5000 pairs of oversized sunglasses (we all need to hide those eye bags).


Buying and wearing statement colours are an easy, affordable solution.  A welcoming confidence builder and mood lifter. And ladies, let’s face it, you still have to go through the motions of getting dressed, why not pull on a bright yellow jumper or a bright pink trouser, it takes no extra time. The size and shape of your clothes may change, but the colours don’t have to. Be courageous and give your colours a well earned boost.

Top 10 tips

  • Bright colours, mix and match
  • Button down, vertical stripe wide shirts
  • Mega throw on jumpers which are easy to layer and take on (and off again).
  • Soft materials
  • Stretch, comfort waistbands on bright trousers.
  • Oversized sunglasses to hide tired eyes
  • On trend yet comfy flats from Boden or pumps
  • Fun top knots
  • Purchase with passion but keep affordable.
  • If you do go grey, make it fun; wear with stars and pops of colour.


Meet other friendly, like minded mums at Monkey Music classes and try out your new colour confident style.  Their classes are perfectly aimed at pre-schoolers and are not only fun, but educational to boot…pick your class according to age with super-cool Rock n Roll musical sensory sessions for babies right up to the lively Ding Dong classes for 4 year olds.  Each class follows a progressive curriculum and supports your childs development.  My daughter LOVES the colourful props, drums and magical sounds.  They even offer a complimentary class, so give it go in your glorious technicolour.

HM Wide red cotton shirt, £17.99.

HM Pink trousers, £12.99.


Click here for class information.

Email or call 020 8543 4525

HM clothes are all found at in Wimbledon.


Contact me to discover your best colours and find confidence in your unique shape and style. Click here for details on colour analysis.



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