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16 Jan

Style & Nutrition

It’s hard to find time to self-motivate at the start of a new year…’busyness’ is becoming so prevalent in today’s society.  Many don’t know that the greatest enemy of good thinking is ‘busyness?’.  We must find the time to think and learn, to make those crucial steps to improve our health and wellbeing from the inside and from the outside.  We spend £125 servicing our cars each year, well what about spending it on a body MOT at our Wimbledon Style & Nutrition event at HDV Cannizaro House on Sunday 28th January? Link to tickets Tickets include lunch and a fabulous goody bag.

Maybe you had a binge-happy Christmas, overdoing the mulled wine, overloading on mince pies and resorting to baggy ‘greige’ to hide your excesses…Greige, as I like to call it, is a combo of grey and beige (and more often than not with a large splash of black thrown over the top).  But why be bland when you can be brilliant?  And you know, the same applies for food & nutrition. It’s easy to get stuck in a food rut…let your food make you feel fantastic!

Nobody wants to start 2018 off in a ‘greige’ way. Take control of your health and wellbeing at our positive, easy to follow style & nutrition event. Led by leading nutritionist May Simpkin and myself, acclaimed Personal Stylist, our expert led sessions will give you all the essential top tips for building a healthy and vibrant new you, all in the comfort of the gorgeous Cannizaro House over 5 hours.

You’ll hear all about the core principles of nutrition which May delivers in a simple, real and achievable way to empower you to make better choices. Discussing how you can get through your day feeling full of energy rather than relying on sugary foods, the key foods you should all be eating and even how big (or small!) your portions should be.

In the style session I’ll explain the powerful benefits that colour can bring, how different colours affect your mood, enhance your hormonal balance as well as how some colours can make you appear younger and healthier. Why red makes you feel energetic and blue more relaxed?  Why more of us should turn our back on black and grey?  We’ll discuss flattering colours for different skin tones and optimal styles for different body shapes, as well as the common mistakes to avoid and my top 10 style tips. We’ll touch on the top trends for Spring and how to layer these into a capsule wardrobe.

The event finishes with style and cookery demonstrations, plus an interactive Q&A, so you’ll leave invigorated, motivated and confident, with a clear understanding of all the easy to follow nutrition and style tips which will allow you to translate the learnings into your every day life to build your healthier, happier lifestyle.  Begin your new journey with us.

The cost of the event includes lunch and a goody bag worth £100.

Click here to buy tickets (£99pp for two tickets, £125pp for individual tickets)


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Charlotte Broadbent

I'm a professional, qualified Personal Stylist, helping people to look their best to be their best through styling, colour consultations, body shape analysis and personal shopping

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