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8 Oct

Winter coats to covet

This winter we are pushing our sartorial ‘fluff’ standards up a zillion more notches.  If you only do one thing this season, transport yourselves to coat heaven…discover a whole new realm of fuzz, where the possibilities and outfit combinations are endless.  SO soft, SO appealing, SO touch-me-now, it’s enough to make even the toughest of us smile and go all gooey inside.  The coat feel-good factor has arrived. I’ve selected my 5 best fluffy coats for different budget levels, so there really are no excuses to cosy up and snuggle in.

Miranda Dunn faux fur Happy Coat, can be personalised, £350.

Miranda Dunn calls them her happy coats, you can order bespoke, monogrammed pieces from her.  I love the drama of the dark blue with the initials. Miranda Dunn, personalised faux fur happy coat, £350.


Bandits Birdy faux fur jacket, £392.

My perennial favourite faux fur brand Bandits ups the game and is gunning for coat domination.  This Birdy jacket is in red, THE colour du jour and you can pair this with everything and anything.  Bandits Birdy Jacket in red, £392.

Shrimps Esme coat, £650.

Launched in 2013, Shrimps has become a firm friend for fashionistas.  If you don’t go bubble gum pink or red, this cow print, mid length belted coat is the ONE.

I call it ‘The Mighty’. This is a great shape for those wanting to show off their waist.  Shrimps Esme coat, £650.


MANGO Lapels faux fur coat, £89.99.

If you didn’t get your hands on the HM pink fluff monster in August, then Mango has answered your prayers. Just launched and available online now, buy this mega coat before it sells out.  Sense the urgency. Mango Lapels faux fur coat, £89.99


Gucci, snake embroidery coat, £10,350.

The colossal.  One of the originals.  If you have the casheroonie, then look no further than this epic Gucci coat.  Gucci, Snake embroidery coat, £10,350.

Beware though friends, people may launch into spontaneous hugs, so get a stick to fight them off. Sticks not available online.

If you’re not sure which coats will suit you, contact me for colour consultations, shape analysis and personal shopping.



Charlotte Broadbent

I'm a professional, qualified Personal Stylist, helping people to look their best to be their best through styling, colour consultations, body shape analysis and personal shopping

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